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Nutritional Counseling

Nutritional deficiency and chronic degenerative changes have become common (and considered normal) in the today's society. Due to increased stress, a diet that no longer resembles what our genetic coding was designed to utilize, and toxic exposure that exceeds our body's normal detoxification abilities, nutrition therapy has developed as a way to support our body's genetic requirements.

Dorn Chiropractic is pleased to offer comprehensive nutritional evaluations and corrective recommendations, including whole food supplements and gradual diet modification to assist in your journey back to living well. We find an immediate increase in our patient's vitality as the primary motive for undertaking this therapy. It is also noted that almost all of our physical conditions respond and may even resolve with specific nutritional intervention and support. Ultimately, functional nutrition will facilitate your care at our office.

All new patients will undergo a complete nutritional evaluation to complement their care plan. However, we encourage everyone to include nutritional evaluations as part of their wellness lifestyle by setting an appointment for a Nutritional Evaluation with one of the doctors. The cost of the evaluation is $40.00, not including any recommended nutrient support.

Please fill out the following the "Symptoms Survey" form and bring it your next appointment. Symptoms Survey.pdf

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