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Cold Laser Therapy

Low-Level laser therapy, cutting edge healing technology, is now available to Dr. Brady Dorn's patients. After attending several seminars, and impressed by the results of the therapy, Dr. Brady is now certified to offer this as a part of his treatment protocol.

What is Erchonia Laser?

Erchonia lasers made history by becoming the first to receive FDA market clearence for the treatment of neck, shoulder and back pain proven through two double-blind studies. Current research by Erchonia is showing benefits for Concussions, ADHD, Autism, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease. The Erchonia laser has a patented line generated beem that emits 45 billion particles of light per second in a focused beam at a 635 nm wavelength with 45 mw diodes that can be programmed for multiple healing frequencies at the same time.

What is low-level laser?

Unlike high powered lasers that use heat and destroy tissue, low energy lasers affect the cellular energy of the underlying tissue. Research has found that a wavelength between 630-640 nanometers promotes cellular health by decreasing inflammation, increasing oxygen and blood flow, promoting muscle calcium uptake and increasing neurotransmitter release. In addition, nerves and scar tissue heal at that wavelength.

How does the low-level laser work?

Low-level lasers emit 45 billion particles of light per second and are focused on the nerve root and injured area in a coherent beam that passes through the clothing and skin to stimulate the photoreceptors on the cell membrane at a specific frequency and strength. The light receptors on the cell membrane convert the light energy to chemical energy in the engine of the cell (Mitochondria ) so they produce more energy ( ATP). The energy created in the mitochondria helps the cells to communicate better, enhances cell nutrition, decreases pain signals, increases muscle and nerve healing.

What conditions can be treated with the laser?

Clinical trials have found the laser to be effective treating neck pain, upper back pain, low back pain, foot pain, shoulder pain, hip pain, elbow pain, carpal tunnel, sciatica, muscle sprains, nerve entrapments, tendonitis, osteoarthritis, Bell's Palsy, concussions, Traumatic Brain Injury, scars, improved muscle strength and endurance for sports performance. Current research is being done with promising results with ADHD, Parkinsons's, Alzheimer's, anxiety and depression.

Why can't I feel anything during the laser treatment?

You won't feel the laser light because it doesn't create heat or vibrate the tissue because of its low power. After low-level treatments people often experience less pain, more strength and better range of motion.

Is is safe and are there any side effects?

Thousands of research studies have been performed using low-level lasers for 20 years and no side effects have been found. The low-level dosage stimulates the cell and doesn't damage the cell membrane.