What Patients are Saying!

There is no other place I would go for chiropractor help! Dr. Brady Dorn is helping with all of my pains. I have had these headaches everyday for no reason. My hips, lower back, sciatica, and pubic symphysis areas have been in moderate to severe pain ever since I gave birth to my child(2017). Long story that I won’t go into here lol, but least to say it has been fun!

I have been told by five different doctors that, “there is/was nothing we can do but here are meds to help with the pain (band-aid). We hope things get better and that it works out in the end.”

With a new PCP we agreed that seeing a chiropractor was our last choice and to give it a go. So I scoured the list that I have through insurance and found Dr. Dorn. I loved the reviews he had and the energy that came from the site.

Walking in you meet the lovely receptionist, Ann, who is always kind and professional in person and on the phone. I also enjoy the little conversations we have during a short wait or when leading me straight into the clean patient room that has an essential oil diffuser with such a lovely scent that’s brings a sense of calm. The rest of the rooms are clean, open and welcoming.

The work that is done with Dr. Dorn has been unlike anything I could have of imagined. When I first came in I was crouched forward in pain, things clicked, muscles and nerves shot with pain. I was in constant 7-15 pain and with maaaaany spasms of intense pain. I had these horrible headaches that were almost felt constantly.

With my headache, he was able to help that almost completely. I have noticed the non existence of headaches from that day and ever since.

He handles my case with patience and kindness. In the beginning he kept me aware of the moves he was making before touching me. Made me feel very comfortable, where I grew to trust him quickly where that wasn’t needed anymore. Dr. Dorn respects his patients and empathizes with his patients pain by listening to your body language and where he does not push your pain limitations.

It has been almost a year since I started seeing him and going through his care plan. Some of the pains I had are no longer here and yet I still have many that remain. I do not feel like my bones are all jangly and out of place, I feel aligned. The knots in my muscles have lessened. My pain level is staying in the 4-7 range with 10-15 for intense muscles spasms that now happen less often.

Things slowly will get better with each passing month and I know if I stay on this path I’ll get to a very good healing place. It’s going to be a couple years but we will get there. Things are finally showing a light of optimism that it will get better. Thank you Dr. Dorn and Ann for all your hard work! Keep changing lives through healing 💙 - Dana A

If I could give Dr. Dorn and his office more than 5 stars, I would. He is the most patient person and really listens to what you have to say. He is thorough and never rushes through an appointment. No matter what, he always has a smile on his face as he welcomes you. And so does his office assistant, Ann! - Kerri W.

I had been living with vertigo for over 4 years. The kind of vertigo that sneaks up on you if you turn your head or eyes the wrong way, which would then make me dizzy and nauseated. My daughter suggested that I see Dr. Dorn. Straight off, he told me I had one of the worst necks he had ever seen. Lol! But he was very honest and told me that he felt he could help, and that if he thought that I wasn't making any progress then I should seek a different modality. Dr. Dorn approached my treatment by using a combination of adjustments, exercise and low wave infrared light. It's been a little over a month and a half and I am almost 100%! And what's great is that I now have exercises that retrain my brain and that helps in stopping the vertigo from coming back. - Jamie S.

I first visited Dr. Dorn for my son for a sports injury and was so intrigued with his visit I made myself an appointment. Dr Dorn has taken the time to listen to my medical issues and tackle them through treatment, He had a great approach to making you feel comfortable and heard. I am thoroughly impressed and love the care I receive. - Steph S.

Besides bending over a pottery wheel on a weekly basis, I also weight lift, work with kettlebells, and am active in Taekwondo. I recently had an issue with my trapezius muscle, lat, and upper back on my right hand side of my body. There was a lot of swelling pressing on a nerve causing some tingling and numbness on my right arm. After only 3 visits I am back to 80%-85% fully healed. Dr.Dorn had also worked with me through my pregnancy of my son in 2009 and has worked with my son when he had frequent ear infections. He has a lot of knowledge about the human body and how it moves and can be gentle when necessary. I highly recommend Dr.Dorn for your chiropractic needs. - Angela E.